BTS 10/14/11: Occupy Movement and Progressive Democrats; Ariel Dorfman on Exile

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Tonight’s program is dedicated to Roberto Naduris, on the anniversary of his death. Fittingly, we look at exile and vanquishing silence with his compatriota, Ariel Dorfman, in the second half of the program.

We begin tonight with Tim Carpenter (Progressive Democrats of America National Chairman), John Nichols and Jim Hightower here to talk about the Occupy movement, now unstoppable, forcing the media, the Democrats, the New York mayor and police to ignore and/or repress them at their peril. As the occupiers are joined by labor, community, the hood, as well as the foreclosed, bankrupted and indebted, our guests discuss the possibilities, the trajectory, and historical parallels. I’ll ask them about the Democratic Party’s dance with the movement, which cities dare repress it, and how the 2012 elections will be shaped by the 99%.

Then, Ariel Dorfman joins us live in studio for an extended conversation about his new memoir, Feeding on Dreams: Confessions of an Unrepentant Exile. This new memoir is the tale of exile in the decades that followed the coup in Chile on September 11, 1973, and the many exiles and returns of his life. Ariel submits that “we are all exiles,” and says the 99% of the Occupy movement no longer want to feel like exiles in their own country, and are taking it back. They, like Dorfman, like the people in the squares and streets from Cairo to Athens, Barcelona to Milan, Paris to London, Santiago to New York are “vanquishing silence.”