BTS 4/29/11: Canadian Elections; Skezag

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David McNally, author of Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance (2010) and Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism (forthcoming 2011) joins us to talk about Canada’s election on Monday, as well as his views on the continuing global economic crisis and its repercussions around the globe, from the Middle East through the Euro Zone and right here in North America. First the surprise: the Canadian elections are ‘lurching’ leftwards and the New Democratic Party’s Jack Layton, unknown everywhere but Canada, could just win. David cautions that while the leftward surge in polls is historic, especially strong in Quebec, Toronto just elected a right wing deficit cutting mayor. Don’t miss the conversation with David McNally, one of the most interesting analysts around these days.

Phil Messina and Joel Freedman, Co Directors of the most powerful film ever made about drugs, too controversial to be seen on TV until tonight, join us to talk about their documentary Skezag. The film was made in 1970, but screens for the first time tonight on the Documentary Channel. It has been called ‘not so much a film but an experience – a harrowing encounter with the drug world.’ The film features Wayne Shirley, an extraordinary street hustler, Vietnam vet and self-styled entertainer who philosophizes , smokes pot and tells of his war, street and drug experiences, bragging of his ability to shoot dope and not get hooked. Months later we see the devastating results, and what started out as a film for a lark ends up as one of the most powerful statements on drug use ever made. We’ll feature some clips and talk to Phil Messina and Joel Freedman about the film, the intersections of art and politics, and more.

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1. David McNally teaches political science at York University, Toronto and is the author of the recently published book, Global Slump: The Economics and Politics of Crisis and Resistance. He has another book coming out in the fall: Monsters of the Market: Zombies, Vampires and Global Capitalism (forthcoming 2011).

2. Philip F. Messina is an award-winning writer-director. His many credits include writing and directing the award winning With Friends Like These. He wrote the feature film Brainstorm, plus nine network television movies and documentary features including “The Passion of Pool” (about the lives of pool players) and the film we are discussing tonight, Skezag, the acclaimed documentary which is considered one of the most powerful anti-drug films ever made. Skezag ( Co-produced and co-directed with Joel L. Freedman) won a Gold Medal at the Atlanta International Film Festival, and was honored at The Mannheim Festival, The Florence Festival Dei Popoli, and The American Film Festival. The film screens tonight on the Documentary Channel.