BTS 3/18/11: Live from the Left Forum

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Co-Hosts Suzi Weissman and Alan Minsky report live from the Left Forum, otherwise known as the Socialist Superbowl, in New York City, on a special Beneath the Surface edition of Building A Powerful Left.

On today's show we're going to begin with radical environmentalist Joel Kovel. Alan Minsky talks to him about the nuclear disaster in Japan, and about the possibilities for a sane energy policy for humanity. Then, Alan talks to Dan LaBotz, labor organizer who ran for the US Senate in Ohio on the Soicialist Party ticket and got over 25,000 votes, and Seth Adler, organizer for the Left Forum.

Finally, Suzi hosts a roundtable with Hillel Ticktin and William Tabb about building a powerful left and the incredibly exciting moment of history we are in right now. We'll explore what are thethe parameters of the economic crisis, which was the detonator of the mobilizations in Europe, North Africa and more, and possible solutions and ways out of the crisis.