BTS 2/4/11: Egypt's Revolutionary Moment, Building the Left from thought to action

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Jonathan Schell has just posted a beautiful piece on The Nation’s website, The Revolutionary Moment and he says “If the world has a heart, it beats now for Egypt. As we finish KPFK’s series on Building a Powerful Left, we begin today with the events that will define and change the 21st Century, the events that allow us all to dream about this democratic moment when people demand democracy as the solution, not the problem and that solution allows people to reshape their own societies in the interests of the majority. Jonathan joins us to talk about the Revolutionary Moment we are witnessing.

Then Richard Lichtman joins us to talk about the contradictions between capitalism’s moral and ideological failures and the tension it creates with democracy.

And, James K. Galbraith spoke earlier today to Alan Minsky about the tasks ahead for the left. We’ll play that discussion, which emphasizes the economic reforms that need to be implemented in order to put people back to work and grow the economy, thereby enhancing economic justice and helping to build the powerful left. All this, when our program returns, in just a moment.