BTS 9/24/10: Tea Party in Reverse; Care Center Struggle; Ruth Gruber

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Mike Davis joins us to talk about East San Diego’s Tea Party in Reverse and other dire economic and political, eco-challenges to human survival with dignity. Is East San Diego the vanguard or rearguard of the politics to come? Ray Lutz, the rebel Democrat from El Cajon is challenging Republican Duncan Hunter in November. Hunter, for those who don’t remember is the Congressman who says the federal government should deport US –born children of undocumented immigrants. Mike Davis characterizes Hunter as the conjunction of the military-industrial complex hoping to become the border-industrial complex meeting the Minutemen. Don’t miss hearing what he has to say.

Then Levi Kingston joins us: He is trying to save the Hoover Intergenerational Care Center in Los Angeles. Non-profits are hurting in these tough economic times, and Governor Schwarzenegger’s budget proposes cutting subsidies for childcare. Levi Kingston, Director of the Hoover Intergenerational Care Center has responded by organizing a rally and press conference to cry for help. He reminds us what Joe Hill, the Wobbly songster would say: Don’t mourn, organize!

And finally on tonight’s Beneath The Surface: Ruth Gruber defied tradition from the moment she became the world’s youngest PhD at the age of 20 in 1931. A film about her premiers in Los Angeles tonight: Ahead of Time tells the remarkable journey of 99 year-old Gruber, and is the directorial debut of noted cinematographer Bob Richman (The September Issue, My Architect, and An Inconvenient Truth). Gruber continued to make history throughout her trail-blazing career by becoming the first journalist to enter the Soviet Arctic in 1935 and escorting 1000 Holocaust refugees from Naples to New York in a secret war-time mission in 1944. She covered the heart wrenching ordeal of the refugees aboard the ship Exodus in 1947 with photographs that helped change the world. We are fortunate to talk to Ruth Gruber, and you won’t want to miss it.

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1. Mike Davis is the author of more than 20 books, including The Monster at our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu (New Press), Prisoners of the American Dream (Verso), Magical Urbanism, City of Quartz, Ecology of Fear, Late Victorian Holocausts, Dead Cities, Planet of Slums, and In Praise of Barbarians: Essays Against Empire. He is a MacArthur Fellow and won the Lannan Prize for distinguished achievement in non fiction.

2. Levi Kingston is a founding member of the Hoover Intergenerational Care center and Chairman of its Board of Directors.

3. Ruth Gruber became the youngest PhD in the world before going on to become an international foreign correspondent and photojournalist at age 24, starting an extraordinary career that has spanned more than seven decades. The first journalist to enter the Soviet Arctic in 1935, Ruth also traveled to Alaska as a member of the Roosevelt administration in 1942, escorted Holocaust refugees to America in 1944, covered the Nuremberg trials in 1946 and documented the Haganah ship Exodus in 1947. Her relationships with world leaders including Eleanor Roosevelt, President Harry Truman, and David Ben Gurion gave her unique access and insight into the modern history of the Jewish people.