September 10, 2010

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On tonight’s program we look at the economic story behind the crisis NOW and in History, including the stories of migrant workers. We begin with Paul Mason, Economics Editor of BBC’s “Newsnight” who joins us to talk about the new Haymarket edition of his book Live Working or Die Fighting: How the Working Class Went Global – and he begins with the workers in China who are now flexing their striking muscle. We then turn to Joshua Clover, UC Davis and Cornell University, who is writing about poetry and political economy has an omnibus review article in The Nation Busted: Stories of the Financial Crisis. It’s a critical look at the explanations being written and broadcast about the underlying causes of the crisis – and more importantly, what they may imply about the failure of capitalism. And then, finally tonight Hector Tobar, LA Times columnist joins us, and he’s taking the immigrant rights movement to task in yesterday’s column for ignoring the massacre of 72 migrants in Tamaulipas, Mexico. The death squads aren’t government sponsored as they were in past decades in Latin America – now they’re outsourced – but Hector rightly asks why isn’t there isn’t more outrage this side of the border?