BTS 3/5/10: Chile, Haiti Earthquakes; Academy Awards

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On tonight’s Beneath The Surface we look at Earthquakes natural, economic and social from Chile to Haiti.

We begin with Chile, where a massive 8.8 giant earthquake struck in the early hours last Sunday, followed by an erroneously reported Tsunami on the Chilean central coast that caused many of the approximately 800 deaths. Fault lines run deep in Chile and the social crisis is mounting with the return to the streets of the Military attempting to bring order out of natural chaos. Arturo Cifuentes recently returned to Chile after spending years in the US working first in earthquake engineering and then in finance. He says he went from one disaster – the subprime – to another, the giant 8.8 earthquake which hit Chile last Sunday.

We are then joined by Michael Deibert, author of Notes from the Last Testament: A Struggle for Haiti, who just returned from Haiti, where he reports horrific devastation and friends who died, but says the country’s heart is still beating. We’ll talk to him about what he saw and reported as well as Haiti's long-term structural, political and economic development, taking a broad historic view of this recent tragedy.

And finally on tonight’s program, Andy Klein joins us for Oscar talk in advance of Sunday’s Academy Awards.

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1. Arturo Cifuentes is the Director of the Financial Studies Center at the University of Chile. Recently returned to Chile from the US, where he did a PhD at Caltech in applied mechanics and thenan MBA in finance at NYU, spent years inside the financial universe and is widely credited with developing an important part of the core methodology used by Moody’s to rate CDOs. He has written 2 books, many chapters and articles, often wrote on finance for the Financial Times.

2. Michael Deibert was a Reuters correspondent in Port-au-Prince from 2001-2003. He is the author of Notes from the Last Testament: A Struggle for Haiti (Seven Stories Press). Michael Diebert writes on Latin America and the Caribbean for Newsday, the Miami Herald, The Village Voice, The Economist Intelligence Unit, Salon, The Guardian, and more.

3. Andy Klein is currently a film critic for BrandX, a free weekly put out by the LA Times. He is also one of eight film critics on KPCC’s “Film Week” and was the film critic for City Beat, The New Times, The Reader.