BTS 2/26/10: Health Care Summit; California Budget Actions

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We are joined tonight by Ezra Klein, columnist for the Washington Post, for a post-mortem on President Obama’s health insurance reform summit yesterday. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing, more and more people are left without access to health care, and Obama’s efforts at bi-partisan consensus have failed. The seven hour televised gab-fest featured a lot of posturing and little agreement. Will the Democrats go to reconciliation to get the bill through and is the public option truly dead? Will exchanges feature pools for those with pre-existing conditions (and does that include aging, those who have had accidents or suffered domestic abuse?)

We then talk to Joshua Pechthalt, Vice President of UTLA/AFT, about the March 4 Statewide Day of Action to protest the savage and suicidal cuts to education and vital community services. The broad coalition behind the day of action (and planned march to Sacramento beginning March 5) includes K-12, Community Colleges, and the UC system plus a wide array of unions and community organizations. They aim to show the face of Californians under attack and shame legislators to fund education and social services.

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