BTS 1/8/10: Airport Scanner Scam; Why We Are in Afghanistan; The Year in Economy

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On tonight’s program we begin with James Ridgeway on the airport scanner scam, the new plans for false security at our airports following the December 25th failed terrorist attempt. Ridgeway’s article from Mother Jones online asks who is getting rich from the full body scanner boom, and whether the TSA is once again enriching private corporations with failed technologies.

We then talk to Michael Zweig, Professor of Economics at SUNY Stonybrook on why we are in Afghanistan, the title of his new documentary film. We’ll ask him about US workers against the war, and the domestic pressures and geo-strategic interests that keep the U.S. in the region. We’ll also ask him about the prospects for popular resistance to the war(s).

And last but certainly not least, Nomi Prins is back to talk to us about the ten biggest lies about the economy in 2009 and what to expect in 2010. Nomi should know – she is a former managing director at Goldman Sachs, and writes widely on corruption in Washington and on Wall Street.

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1. James Ridgeway is Senior Washington Correspondent for Mother Jones, writes forThe Guardian and COUNTERPUNCH, and collaborates on original short videos, available at Ridgeway was Washington Correspondent for the Village Voice for more than thirty years. Earlier Ridgeway worked for The NEW REPUBLIC, RAMPARTS, the WALL STREET JOURNAL, He is the author of sixteen books, most recently, The 5 Unanswered Questions About 9/11 and It’s All For Sale: The Control of Global Resources.

2. Michael Zweig is a professor of economics and Director of the Center for Study of Working Class Life at the State University of New York at Stony Brook. His most recent books are WHAT'S CLASS GOT TO DO WITH IT? AMERICAN SOCIETY IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY (2004) and THE WORKING CLASS MAJORITY: AMERICA'S BEST KEPT SECRET (2000). He was executive producer and co-writer of the documentary MEETING FACE TO FACE: THE IRAQ-U.S.LABOR SOLIDARITY TOUR (Center for Study of Working Class Life, 2006).His new film is Why Are We in Afghanistan.

3. Nomi Prins, a former managing director at Goldman Sachs, writes on corruption in Washington and on Wall Street for Mother Jones, Fortune, AlterNet, the Nation, and many other publications. She is a senior fellow at the public-policy think-tank, Demos, and has appeared on The NewsHour, Democracy Now!, and various CNBC, CNN, and Fox TV programs, as well as numerous national radio stations, including NPR and Air America. Her previous books are Other People's Money: The Corporate Mugging of America and Jacked.