BTS 11/27/09: Capitalism Hits the Fan; Proto-Fascist Fundamentalism

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Richard Wolff’s new book Capitalism Hits the Fan offers critical analyses of the causes of the economic crisis, the Keynesian stimulus-cum regulation "solutions" being pursued and sketches an alternative solution. We'll talk to Professor Wolff (Economics, UMass Amherst) about the prevalent notion that recovery is underway but unemployment takes time to catch up -- and whether the solutions have so far failed because too little money was thrown too late at the problem by the government, or something deeper.

Richard Lichtman has written a response to the anger that has surfaced over the economic crisis, bailouts and health insurance reform. While some commentators see the rage as something the left should use, Richard Lichtman sees that as misconstrued: he calls it proto-fascist fundamentalism, and says the content of right wing rage has consequences. The left's practice, he argues, should embody the ideals it promotes. You won't want to miss his arguments.

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1. Richard D. Wolff is professor or economics at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. His latest book is New Departures in Marxist Theory (Routledge), co-authored with Stephen Resnick, with whom he has collaborated for decades, producing seven books and dozens of articles. He teaches at the Brecht Forum and serves on the Editorial board of Rethinking Marxism.

2. Richard Lichtman is author of a book on Marx and Freud, The Production of Desire, and the Director of new innovative program in Critical Theory (for more info, email: He specializes in the relationship between the social and psychological dimensions of human life. His other books include Essays in Critical Social Theory, Dying in America, and An Outline of Marxism.