BTS 10/30/09: Health Care; Vietnamistan; UC Crisis; So-Called Recovery

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We begin tonight's program with Harold Meyerson on Health Insurance reform: Harold wrote in Wednesday's Washington Post that the proposal to tax the Cadillac Plans is more like a Chevy Tax. We’ll ask him to comment on the House Plan, which leaves out the Kucinich amendment that allows states to opt for single payer.

Then Daniel Ellsberg joins us. He leaked the Pentagon Papers -- top-secret government documents that showed a pattern of governmental deceit about the Vietnam War -- in 1971. Today he talks to us about Mathew Hoh, the first US official to resign in protest over the Afghan war. Ellsberg calls Matthew Hoh’s resignation “The highest form of patriotism.” As for the war, Ellsberg sees the situation as Vietnamistan… stay tuned to find out what he means.

And later in the hour Richard Walker, Professor of Geography at UC Berkeley talks to us about how California's budget meltdown and cutbacks in higher education are killing California’s Public University System. A coalition of Faculty, Staff and Students are fighting back,– and on Tuesday are joining the Latina/o community in using Día de los Muertos, the Mexican Day of the Dead, to mourn these losses and to re-imagine a transformed university that could emerge from the current crisis.

And finally on tonight's BTS, we talk to Jack Rasmus about the so called recovery amidst increasing unemployment, falling consumer spending, the falling dollar, continuing foreclosures and economic decline.

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