BTS 8/3/09: Health Care Reform; Strike in South Korea

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On tonight’s program Wendell Potter joins us to talk about what health insurance industry insiders are doing to kill or maim key components of Obama’s health care reform as it makes its way through the congress and Senate – like having a competing public plan and an employer pay-or-play mandate. Wendell Potter should know -- he was the chief corporate spokesman at CIGNA and is now a whistle-blower speaking out on the twisted tactics he knows the industry is using to keep health insurance reform friendly to wall street interests and profits.

We then turn to a significant but under-reported or non-reported story in South Korea – where an heroic factory occupation is in its tenth week, and the government is using draconian methods to defeat the occupying workers at Ssangyong Motors at Pyeongtaek. Riot cops have tear-gassed and beaten workers and those supporting the occupation outside the factory, water and gas supply has been cut to pressure the workers to end their ten week occupation. Loren Goldner, who splits his time between New York and Seoul, South Korea and is writing a political history of the Korean working class, joins us.

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