BTS 4/6/09: Economy and Public Anger; Role of Labor

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The economy continues to be our top story as President Obama returns from the G20 meeting where he tried to persuade European economies to participate in large stimulus packages to coordinate the global response to a global downturn/depression/epic recession.

Max Fraad Wolff worries that justified public anger is getting in the way of understanding the rescue plan which spends REAL taxpayer money. He understands why the public is VERY, VERY angry but says we are ignoring the Fed, FDIC, and Treasury plans that bypass Congress and spend trillions, while we focus on Madoff and AIG bonuses. Instead, the public should focus on how to save millions of jobs, college educations, retirements, homes, hopes, enterprises and industries.

Christopher Phelps joins us to look beyond Economic Revival to an examination of New Deal approaches which are still viable -- and worth emulating. We’ll also talk about the role of labor – then and now.

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1. Max Fraad Wolff is an economist and free lance researcher/writer. His work regularly appears in the Asia Times, The Prudent Bear and many other international outlets. His work can also been seen regularly on his site,, and The Huffington Post. Based in NYC, Max does contract research on international financial risks and opportunities while teaching in the New School University's Graduate Program in International Affairs.

2. Christopher Phelps is an associate professor of history at the Ohio State University at Mansfield. He is the author of Young Sidney Hook: Marxist and Pragmatist (University of Michigan Press). Phelps has written for periodicals such as The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Nation, New Politics, American Quarterly, The Journal of American History, and The American Historical Review.