BTS 3/30/09: G20 and Economic Crisis; Philosophy of "Freedom"

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President Obama goes to London this week for the G20 summit meeting, tasked with rescuing, revitalizing and rebuilding the global financial system. In an incredibly prescient article, Peter Gowan argues against mainstream accounts, that the origins of the global financial crisis lie in the dynamics of the New Wall Street System that has emerged since the 1980s. Call it the era of plundering finance capital or, as Gowan does, the New Wall Street system. He traces the contours of the Atlantic model, and the geopolitical, ideological and economic implications of its blow-out. We’ll ask him what can be expected from the G20 summit, his views on the economic crisis and the prospects for the future.

In the second half of the program Richard Lichtman joins us for a philosophic and political exploration of the used and abused concepts of freedom and relates it to our current economic malaise.

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1. Peter Gowan is Professor of International Relations at London Metropolitan University. His books include The Twisted Road to Kosovo (Manifest, Stockholm, 2000), (Verso, 1999), and The Global Gamble - America’s Faustian Bid for World Domination (Verso 2000). His research interests combine analysis of the contemporary external orientations of the Atlantic states and trends in international politics, with work on international relations theory. Since the late 1990s he has been working on American capitalism and the external orientations of the United States as well as on transatlantic relations. He is a long-time editor and frequent contributor to New Left Review.

2. Richard Lichtman is author of a book on Marx and Freud, The Production of Desire, and the Director of new innovative program in Critical Theory (for more info, email: He specializes in the relationship between the social and psychological dimensions of human life. His other books include Essays in Critical Social Theory, Dying in America, and An Outline of Marxism.