BTS 3/16/09: "Wake Up World" ; Origins of Economic Crisis

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Lizz Winstead, co-creator and head writer of the Daily Show joins us in studio to talk about the state of the bloated morning television talk-shows. Her send-up satire “Wake Up World” boasts that it is, “America’s only six-hour morning show.” Wake Up World responds to current topical news but its true goal is to capture and satirize all the conventions of morning shows. Lizz Winstead and her “Shoot the Messenger” group will have two performances in Los Angeles at the Steve Allen Theater on March 17 & 18.

UCLA economic historian Robert Brenner, author of The Economics of Global Turbulence and The Boom and the Bubble returns tonight to explain the origins of the deepening economic crisis, the bail-outs and what we can expect from the Obama economic team.

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1. Lizz Winstead is The Daily Show's co-creator and head writer, and also co-host of “Unfiltered” with Rachel Maddow on Air America. Since 2007, she has been producing and hosting “Shoot the Messenger,” a satirical wrap-up of the week's news as seen through the eyes of six-hour morning show Wake Up World, featuring interviews with such media notables as Rachel Maddow, Ted Rall, Kurt Andersen, Paul Rieckhoff, and Mark Crispin Miller.

2. Robert Brenner is a professor of history at UCLA, and runs the Center for Comparative Theory and History. He is the author of The Economics of Global Turbulence and The Boom and the Bubble. He is currently writing a forthcoming book and article for New Left Review on the current economic crisis.