BTS 4/2/07: The New SDS; Labor Movement Update; Sub-Prime Crisis

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On this Passover eve we look at the new student movement that has formed using the historic name SDS with Christopher Phelps, who has written “The New SDS” in the April 16 issue of The Nation.

We then talk to Steve Early and Marsha Niemiejer about the split in the labor movement after two years, asking what has changed.

Finally, on tonight’s BTS we talk to veteran organizer Horace Small about the crisis of sub-prime mortgages that is causing foreclosures to skyrocket. While Congress and Bush argue whether the loan industry should be regulated, Horace Small is organizing to stop foreclosures and get relief for people. We’ll ask him what he’s doing.

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1. Christopher Phelps teaches history at Ohio State University, Mansfield. He is the author of Young Sidney Hook: Marxist and Pragmatist (University of Michigan).

2. Steve Early is a Boston-based international union rep and organizing coordinator for Communications Workers of America District 1, which represents more than 175,000 workers in New York, New England, and New Jersey. Early has written about the AFL-CIO split and other labor issues for The Boston Globe, Dollars and Sense, Working USA, Against the Current, Labor Notes, Tikkun, Our Times, and many other publications. He is currently working on a book for Cornell University Press about the role of New Left and Sixties' movement activists in American unions over the last four decades.

3. Marsha Niemeijer is a staff writer and organizer at the Labor Notes East Coast Office. She was a graduate student in Political Science at York University. As an active member of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, she served on the executive board during her Local's 11-week strike in the Fall/Winter of 2000. She has been working with the Transnationals Information Exchange since 1995, and coordinates the TIE international and cross-border programs with Teofilo Reyes. Marsha covers longshore workers (ILA/ILWU), UE, Telecom/CWA, Canadian and European labor, as well as international economic issues.

4. Horace Small, an African American and the Executive Director of the Union of Minority Neighborhoods, has been organizer for 30 years and was the National President of the National Federation of Black Organizers and Activists for a two-year term and founder of the Philadelphia Community School, which trained hundreds of activists in the skills of organizing and citizens empowerment.