BTS 3/5/07: UTLA and School Board Elections; History of the Car Bomb

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School Board elections are tomorrow and this time the March election features a major power struggle and major amounts of money (nearly 2 million) being spent for control of the five member elected board. The Mayor is going against his erstwhile colleagues and friends at the UTLA to get control over the board and how the bitterly fought school reform proceeds. Josh Pechthalt – VP of the UTLA-AFT and Joel Jordan were recently featured in the LA Times for their leadership successes at the UTLA in getting a new contract that mandates class-size reduction as well as salary increases – and they join us to talk about school reform, progressive leadership and the elections.

Later in the program we talk to Mike Davis about his forthcoming book Buda’s Wagon: A Short History of the Car Bomb, a brilliant little history of the car bomb tactic which invariably corrupts the cause it has enlisted with its collateral damage to civilians. In its more recent incarnation in the Middle East the car bomb tactic in the hands of a suicide bomber becomes an equalizer for the uprooted and the unhinged.

Read More for info on tonight's guests:

1. Joel Jordan is a retired teacher and Director of Special Projects for UTLA (United Teachers of Los Angeles).

2. Josh Pechtalt is Vice-President of UTLA-AFT (United Teachers of Los Angeles / American Federation of Teachers).

3. Mike Davis is the author of The Monster at our Door: The Global Threat of Avian Flu (New Press), Prisoners of the American Dream (Verso), Magical Urbanism, City of Quartz, Ecology of Fear, Late Victorian Holocausts, Dead Cities, Under the Perfect Sun (With Kelly Mayhew and Jim Miller); plus a series of books for children: Pirates, Bats and Dragons and Land of the Lost Mammoths.